17 November 2022Since 2017, Acting for Life is carrying out a large-scale project to offer professional training for young people in four regions of Burkina Faso (Sahel, Est, Cascades and Hauts-Bassins) and help them find jobs. As the project is coming to an end, discover some portraits of young people that the project has helped to support.

As in other countries in the sub-region, professional training centres in Burkina Faso are still underequipped, and programmes are often poorly adapted to the innovations and needs of the market. Against  this backdrop,  The READY projectRaising Employment Access and Development for Youth – aims to train 1,300 young people in electricity, plumbing and agriculture, improve training programmes and help programme graduates seek employment.

Discover the portraits of eight young Burkinabes who were accompanied as part of this project.

Training centres were provided with additional material and human resources – particularly instructors – in order to create the best possible conditions for learning, while minimising absences and drop-outs. As part of the professional integration process, trainees also participate in training sessions or workshops on entrepreneurship, “soft skills” and IT skills.

Implemented by Acting for Life and its local partners TIN TUA and OCADES in Burkina Faso, this project was made possible thanks to the financial support of NORAD and the AnBerDitumba, and Taroko Foundations.