The Acting for Life teams travelled to Abomey, Benin, to talk to one of the NGO’s key partners. The Union Départementale des Organisations Professionnelles d’Eleveurs de Ruminants (UDOPER) operates in 6 communes in the Collines and 9 communes in the Zou, helping to improve the living and working conditions of agropastoralists.

Since taking part in the PAMOBARMA – Projet d’Appui à la Mobilité du Bétail pour un meilleur Accès aux Ressources et aux Marchés – (Livestock Mobility Support Project for Improved Access to Resources and Markets), UDOPER in Zou and Collines has continued to develop the actions implemented as part of the project: boreholes, rest areas, livestock markets. In collaboration with the Groupement Intercommunal des Collines (GIC), it has also continued to supervise 156km of corridors.

The Acting for Life teams had the opportunity to visit a watering hole, an essential infrastructure that enables farmers to water their livestock. They also had the opportunity to talk to women who produce Wagashi cheese.

In the Zou and Collines regions, our partners from UDOPER have told us that there has been an upsurge in conflicts and tensions between farmers and livestock breeders, with 12 deaths in the first quarter of 2023.