As part of the Distri’Solidaire project, Acting for Life (AFL) and its local partner Hortitechs Développement are supporting the production and distribution of local products based on the principles of the social and solidarity economy (SSE) in Benin. The teams in charge of the project therefore travelled to Ouidah to monitor the progress of the activities being implemented. They visited one of the processing units supported, that of AMAP BÉNIN.

The Beninese NGO Hortitechs Développement aims to strengthen family horticulture that is resilient to climatic hazards and respects the environment. Its team is monitoring the activities carried out on a quarterly basis as part of the Distri’Solidaire project. To develop production and marketing systems in Benin, the project is supporting three shops specialising in the sale of local products, located in Allada, Bohicon and Parakou. Ten processing units of agricultural products are also being supported.

From production to direct sale: the example of AMAP BÉNIN

Recently, 4 organic fruit juices (pineapple juice, baobab juice, ginger juice and a pineapple-ginger cocktail) produced by the AMAP BÉNIN processors obtained their sanitary compliance certificates and their Marketing Authorisations (MA). Hortitechs Développement’s support in this certification process will facilitate the distribution of these products, particularly in partner shops.

With the help of a graphic designer, the labels of these 4 fruit juices have been redesigned and updated. This update shows the MA numbers obtained, a guarantee of confidence and quality for consumers. At the same time, a request to obtain a barcode has been sent to the Direction of the Agence Nationale de Normalisation, de Métrologie et du contrôle qualité (ANM), the authority in charge. This will make it easier to display fruit juices on supermarket shelves.

Participation in 2 trade fairs to promote local consumption

The support provided also takes the form of marketing assistance at events. Last July, processors presented and sold their finished products at two trade fairs. The agroecology week fair and the PADMAR trade fair provided an opportunity to promote local consumption.

The Distri’Solidaire is supported by Fondation de France avec le CFSI, Fondation Luciole and Air France.