Dear partners,
The Board of Directors and the Acting for Life team join me in wishing you an excellent year in 2024, one that continues to focus on international solidarity.

Thanks to your support and our partnerships, thousands of young women and men in West Africa are looking to the future with enthusiasm, thanks to the skills they have acquired and the high-quality support they have received to start practising their trade, in virtuous sectors such as eco-construction, agro-ecology, renewable energies, etc. Thousands of people, particularly women, are also initiating local initiatives to preserve natural resources in Latin America: forests, wetlands, soils, watersheds...; and thousands of small farmers who can sell their products, after having received support in agroecology and marketing, as I was able to see during a trip to Benin in October 2023.

This very positive outlook, despite the deteriorating situation, would not be possible without your support. I would like to thank you once again, on behalf of the beneficiaries, the partner organisations and the association. We also hope that together we can continue to support these effective local initiatives through our ongoing and perhaps even expanded partnerships!
Yours sincerely,

Jean-Cyril Spinetta, Président de Acting for Life

Jean-Cyril Spinetta
President of Acting for Life

Acting for Life vous souhaite une excellente année 2024