Teaching sustainable construction to 100 young people in Togo and Benin

Togo and Benin are two of the smallest countries in Africa. Both face demographic and socio-economic challenges relating to the professional integration of young people. Togo has a population of seven million, and roughly 60% of young people are under 25 years old. Benin’s population is ten million, half of whom are under 15 years old. The quality of technical and professional training in both countries is weak: programmes are more theoretical than practical, and training is not well adapted to and economic environment.

In 2016 and 2017, we launched a project focusing on stonework and the professional integration of young people in Togo and Benin. The project builds on past initiatives to support professional training for young people and the development of the stonework sector.

Project overview

The project first aims to develop the capacities of three training centres (by providing pedagogical and material support), set up training programmes to teach construction techniques using local materials, put training to practical use (field-school and dialogue between Togo and Benin) and improve the monitoring of integration. The project will also tailor the training programme to Togo and Benin, and make sure it is validated by the national authorities. Lastly, it will help improve skills in stone extraction (artisan masons and extractors) and boost local demand for construction work using stone and earth.


  • develop training for young people that focuses on construction techniques using local materials (stone and earth);
  • encourage the promotion of those sectors at local level;
  • ensure that the training offered is recognised.

Key figures and results

  • 100 young people in Togo and Benin receive professional training in construction techniques using sustainable local materials and are monitored and assisted after completion of the training;
  • The specialised training programme is recognised by the national authorities, and the training centres have been improved;
  • Construction with local materials (earth and stone) is promoted and improved, and facilitates the integration of young people.

Project's local partners :