Supporting 240 producers

At an altitude of over 3,000 metres in the Andes mountains, the town of Ocongate is inhabited mainly by the Quechua people. Over half the children in the province suffer from delayed growth because of malnutrition. Alpacas used to be the main source of income, but after the alpaca crisis families began developing the dairy sector as of 2006 in order to survive.

Since 2013, Acting for Life has been working with over 400 families that produce milk and process dairy in the towns of Ocongate and Ccatca, to help them improve the quality and quantity of their production. In 2016, we expanded the project to also support the production and sale of guinea pigs, which is a sector with high potential.

Project overview

This second project aims to strengthen family businesses in the dairy and guinea-pig sectors by improving their organisational, productive and management skills, while protecting the environment. Ultimately, by giving a boost to the local economy, we hope to improve the living conditions of the people living in Ocongate and Ccatca.


  • replicate the model that was used to support the dairy sector in order to support the guinea-pig sector by: developing tools to support producers, such as training methods for entrepreneurial management, and initiatives to encourage innovation and the creation of added value;
  • strengthen producer organisations so that they can improve their positioning on the market (collectively defining the price of milk, relations with local public authorities);
  • improve the volume and quality of production at production facilities;
  • strengthen producer organisations to allow them to exchange and share their experiences and develop services for their members;
  • set up practices to protect the environment in the different phases of production;
  • conduct a study on the environmental impact of the two sectors throughout the production chain (waste production, management of water resources);
  • create environmental-management plans and set up a pilot experiment for organic production.

Key figures and results

  • 450 dairy producers and 15 family-run production facilities for dairy products supported;
  • 240 producers and 7 guinea-pig processing facilities supported;
  • 9% increase in daily income for dairy producers;
  • 20% increase in average revenue for the makers of dairy products;
  • Revenue for guinea-pig producers has reached an average of 346 soles per producer per month;
  • 5% increase in income for guinea-pig breeders;
  • 6 guinea-pig restaurants are generating average revenue of 639 soles per day.

Project's local partners :

    • Asociación Jesús Obrero (CCAIJO)
      Asociación Jesús Obrero (CCAIJO) is a social initiative that was started by the Peruvian Jesuits over 40 years ago to help improve the living conditions of rural communities in the Quispicanchi department, in the Cuzco region. CCAIJO specialises in economic development, nutrition, housing, education, environmental preservation and local governance.