Assessing sustainable development in the tourism sector

East Timor is located in South East Asia, between Australia and Indonesia. It is one of the poorest countries in the world and faces many environmental problems.

Project overview

This project aims to provide SMEs and microenterprises in the tourism industry with sustainable-tourism indicators. The goal is to create a grid for evaluating projects and tourist operators. An initial mission was carried out in 2017 to survey tourism operators in liaison with tourism authorities and the University of Dili.

The tools for evaluating sustainable development will be presented to local players in the tourism industry in order to work with them to come up with guidelines that are tailored to the country’s economy and tourism industry, particularly regarding human resources and qualifications.


  • provide East Timor with a tool for assessing sustainable development that is directly applicable to SMEs and microenterprises in the tourism sector;
  • gather information to create a brochure with UNCTAD on the effects of climate change for island states.

Project's local partners :

  • Norway