Sustainable development of the tourism sector

Developing countries, and more particularly the least developed countries, are experiencing both tourism growth and very wide disparities in development, generating very high levels of inequality and keeping a large proportion of their populations in poverty. At their request, Acting for Lite tourism division therefore supports several countries, mainly among the least developed countries, in their tourism development policies in favour of sustainable development that takes into account the needs of local populations, particularly from the point of view of small and very small tourism and hotel businesses. These programmes directly benefit more than a hundred enterprises per country and community organizations.

Project overview

The objective today is to ensure that the economic impact of tourism, the benefits of which are currently heavily concentrated in certain geographical areas and in the hotel and catering sector, can concern the whole country and make a significant contribution to poverty reduction.


  • Equip local authorities and services with sustainable tourism management tools and the capacity to use them to develop multi-stakeholder consultation and partnerships and poverty reduction programmes.
  • Create benchmarks from the tourism enterprises of the selected sites, aimed at improving the marketing of tourism products on international markets. In order to promote quality, socially and environmentally responsible products that meet the expectations of international customers.
  • Ensure the training of managers and professionals so that they are able to transfer the approach and tools to local actors in other tourist sites in each country.

Key indicators and impacts

  • The strengthening of local and national capacities for diagnosis and consultation on tourism development between the public, private and civil society sectors has emerged as one of the key elements for improving the impact of tourism on the local environment. Acting for Life has developed tools for local and concerted steering of tourism development based on the use of sustainable tourism and poverty reduction indicators (methodology and good practices).
  • These tools are adapted to the specific case of each country and region in terms of environmental protection, decentralization and social promotion.

Project's local partners :

    • Cambodian Ministry of Tourism
      The Cambodian Ministry of Tourism is in charge of working with companies in the tourism industry to ensure that they comply with global industry best practices, and mobilising communities near tourist areas. Several years ago, the Ministry developed the "Clean City" programme in collaboration with Acting for Life. The programme aims to create the right conditions for the development of tourism. The programme has given rise to initiatives in nature-conservation areas and at coastal tourist resorts, including a coral-protection initiative.