Training 156 women in agroecology

Burkina Faso is among the world’s poorest countries and has a population of over 18 million people, 47% of whom are under 15 years old. Only 46% of the country’s estimated nine million hectares of arable land is exploited, and the food supply for most households is subject to high seasonal variation. More than half of households experience at least one period of shortage throughout the year. The Cascades region in the far west of the country has a very high rate of child malnutrition. In 2013, the rate of chronic malnutrition in children under 5 years old in the region was 40.9% (the highest in the country).

Project overview

This project aims to improve food and nutritional security for households in the Cascades region. In partnership with Inades, Acting for Life will work with groups of women to produce market-gardening products using agroecological production techniques, while raising awareness about and promoting a diversified and balanced diet within the community.


  • boost the income of female group members through the production and sale of market-gardening products;
  • improve food security and nutrition for households by promoting the consumption of market-gardening products that are rich in micronutrients;
  • develop the professional skills of women’s groups, and improve social cohesion through community market-gardening.

Key figures and results

  • 5 associations for mother-educators in 5 rural towns (over 350 women) have seen their standard of living improve thanks to the creation of income-generating activities;
  • 156 women have been trained in agroecological production techniques;
  • 25 women have been trained in simplified accounting and financial management;
  • 25 women have been trained in techniques for marketing market-gardening products;
  • 5 plots of land (0.25 hectares each) are being renovated (installation of drip irrigation systems, fences, etc.);
  • 700 households (4,000 individuals) in the province of Léraba have been taught about the importance of a healthy and balanced diet (link between health and diet, right to food) and now enjoy a more nutritious diet.

Photos of the project

Project's local partners :

    • INADES
      The African Institute for Economic and Social Development – African Training Centre (Institut Africain pour le Développement économique et social – Centre Africain de Formation, or “Inades Formation”) was founded in Abidjan in 1962. Inades Formation-Burkina Faso is a national NGO that has been integrated into the international network of 10 African countries. Inades Formation-Burkina Faso’s areas of focus include: agricultural development, decentralisation, promotion of local consumption, management of natural resources, rural funding and smallholder communication.